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The start-up-kit

The beginning pipe smoker we recommend a straight pipe. In a bent model condensate accumulates faster, and the pipe will goes out easier.  Furthermore you need a few accessories, like a pipe tamper, cleaners and maybe filters. In pipe and tobacco shops you will find beginner sets, containing all necessary tools. These sets start around 35 Euros. These pipes are no eye candy, but fulfill their purpose. If you want to start out with a brand pipe, you have to budget about 60 Euro upwards.

Besides the hardware, you will need tobacco of course. Popular with beginners are slightly flavoured tobaccos, also like by the ladies. No other form of smoking offers you the specrum of aromas that can be found in pipe tobacco. Some people find their favourite tobacco quite fast, others search their whole life. ‘Real men’ smoke natural tobaccos withouth artificial flavours of course…

Pipe tamping

Fill up the pipe in the bottom third just with minimal pressure and do not cover the hole. The middle third you tamp with a little bit more pressure, and the top third you can tamp firm. It is important to draw at the pipe consistently, to check if the suction is to hard or to soft. The process of filling is relevant for the smoking pleasure you will experience, you can vary the lenght and intensity of smoking. If you fill the pipe firm, you smoke more slowly and longer. A loosely filled pipe smokes faster, but also more hot. Eventually you will use the ‘Three finger method’, but until then you will need some practice.

Lighting the pipe

For lighting the pipe we recommend matches or  special pipe lighters. Gasoline lighters affect the flavour negatively. Ignite the tobacco evenly with circular movements and draw at the pipe. The upper tobacco will rise up and cannot transport the heat into the lower regions of the pipe. Apply some pressure with the tamper and light the tobacco again. At the same time draw at the pipe, this time a bit stronger, so the fire can reach all the tobacco.

Smoking the pipe

Smoke slowly and do not draw too forcibly. Try to breathe naturally through the pipe, else you will create a heat even too much for a heat resistant material like briar. Just take a look at our sad pipe cemetary…

Furthermore fluids will form at the bottom of the pipe, and the pipe will sound like if you drink the last drops out of a glass with a straw and it will go out constantly. To counter this there are crystals available that are put inside the bowl, Denicool for example. If the pipe extinguishs, which will happen more often if you just start out, put some pressure on the ash on top and relight the pipe.

Your tongue will probably burn unpleasant and feel ‘furry’ in the beginning, because you are not used to pipe smoking. But do not capitulate or falter, it will definitly pass. If you had just started with a new kind of sport, you would not be as relaxed, but sit there with sore muscles.