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Rattray's Alfie Burgundy

Item no.: 15080
EAN: 4251582726994


We understand that a lighter with a large gas tank has its advantages, you will not need to refill it very often. But some models on the market have reached dimensions that almost remind us of Elon Musk’s Space X rocket. We do not fancy these gigantic lighters.

We decided to counter the trend, and made a lighter so slim, light and stylish it should be printed in fashion magazines. We call it ‘Alfie’. Pure understatement, perfect for Ladys and Gentlemen alike. With a thickness of only 7,4 mm it is slimmer than all lighters we know of.

It features the brand new Flat Flame Technology. Four flames are positioned in a row, merging to an extra wide flame, even perfect for cigars.

You can chose from 12 models.

50 grams heavy / 2, 2 grams gas capacity / 70 mm height / 38 mm wide / 7,4 mm thin


Series Alfie