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Rattray's Bare Knuckle Sandblast 145
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Rattray's Bare Knuckle Sandblast 145

Before the invention of boxing gloves, fist fights were carried out with unprotected hands. A very brutal attraction in pubs and on fun fairs. At the moment bareknuckle fighting experiences a renaissance. 

But why name a peaceful thing like a pipe after such a martial sport? 

Even the most peacful of people have to be able to show their teeth from time to time, if the situation calls for it. But it is best to let the bare knuckling happen in your head, and after the anger and aggression is gone, one can defeat the opponent with wit and strategy.


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Series: Bare Knuckle
Surface: sandblasted
Material: Briar
Application: Metal
Drilling: 9mm
Limited Edition: No
Shape: Bent - Classic
Mouthpiece: Acrylic
Style: Classic series