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Rattray's The Fair Maid Light 28

This collectors edition is limited to 40 pieces per model. The filterless pipes are available in a matted orange finish. To emphasise the grain, the pipes are stained multiple times. The soft parts of the wood absorb the colour. Then all colour is removed and the pipe is finished with oil varnish. The application and mouthpiece are made of acrylic in cumberland look.

The sandblasted pipes are also beautiful. After some experiments, we settled on a perfect light tanshell finish.

Small variations in colour are possible. Briar stores minerals of its surrounding soil. The minerals in Calabria are different as in Corsica or Greece. The saw mills distinguish between the quality of the wood, not where it is from.


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Series: The Fair Maid
Surface: oranges
Material: Briar
Application: Acrylic
Drilling: no filter
Limited Edition: Yes
Shape: Half-Bent - Zulu
Mouthpiece: Multicoloured acrylic
Style: Classic series