Wholesale prices in Euro, plus value-added tax in Germany. Three percent discount within 10 days.

Price changes

All items are subject to alteration of prices.


Complaints after delivery can only be considered for 8 days.


If a customer complaint is justified, you will receive equal value compensation. A complaint is valied, if a pipe is faulty and was handled appropriately. For compensations provided by retailers, no later compensation can be given by the company Kopp GmbH & Co. KG, without first examining the item.

Burners and bubbles on the surface due to smoking the pipe to hot, discolouration due to exposure to light and damaged mouthpieces are not subject to compensation.

For repairs that fall under warranty, no charges will be incurred. For repairs outside of warranty we charge what our repair service charged us, without surcharge (plus value-added tax in Germany and postage)

Burners can be prevented in the initial stage for a small fee of 6,- Euro. The pipes are coated with a heat resistant paste. More info you will find if you click on the following link:


Please send all pipe repairs to our directly to our repair service, to avoid long waiting times:

Pipe & Lighter Center

Holger Raasch e.K.
Dorfstrasse 6
21521 Dassendorf
Fon: 04104 969644
web: https://www.pl-center.de/en/

Complaints due to material faults please send directly to us. 


Standard delivery within Europe by UPS..
You can choose yourself the delivery service outside of Europe.

Request minimum value and shipping costs

Minimum value 50,- € net. Shipping costs: 6,- € plus VAT. Shipping free: from 150,- € net..

Austria & Netherlands:
Minimum value 100,- € net. Shipping costs: 10,- € plus VAT. Shipping free: from 250,- € net.

Minimum value 100,- € net. Shipping costs: 20,- € plus VAT.

Rest of Europe:
Minimum value 100,- € net. Shipping costs: by weight and delivery 

Minimum value 250,- € net. Shipping costs: by weight and delivery


From 500,- € net.: 0,75% extra

Terms of delivery

If the ordered items are on stock, your order will be shipped immediately. Backorders are automatically shipped out once available, free of charge to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. After a partial delivery of your order, there is no obligation that the backorder will be shipped out.

Terms and conditions of business

For all delivered items we reserve proprietary rights. Complaints after delivery can only be considered for 8 days. Acceptance of bill without obligation. Place of fullfillment is Offenbach am Main. Only payments directed to us are valid.