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Charles Rattray

1911 the skilled tobacco blender Charles Rattray made his dream come true and took over a tobacco shop in the old scottish capital Perth. Only after a short while the store became the top adress for tobacco enthusiasts. In his small tobacco factory he blended exquisite specialities for the Gentlemen. Later on he expanded his portfolio and offered his customers private label pipes. Till today they are made from the finest quality briars and are available in many beautiful classic shapes. They are crafted with all the care and know-how of the world´s oldest pipe companies.

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Fill the tobacco chamber to the top. The first third lightly, the middle third with a bit more pressure and the last third with strong pressure. Light the tobacco with circular movements. Draw at the mouth piece softly, so the flame can advance to the low


To assure the best smoking experience, your pipe needs continuous care and maintenance of the inner parts.




Briar root wood, or French ‘bruyère’ is an extremely hard and heat-resistant wood. The tree heath (Erica arborea) is a shrub up to 4 meters in height and is mostly found in the Macchia, dry evergreen shrublands.


The beginning pipe smoker we recommend a straight pipe. In a bent model condensate accumulates faster, and the pipe will goes out easier. Furthermore you need a few accessories, like a pipe tamper, cleaners and maybe filters.